About Us

We are Imperial Academy of Canada, and your in house training and development department.

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Our Story

We were founded on the idea that training of employees is an investment that produces a return that cannot be imagined. Over the course of the past 8 years, we at Imperial Academy of Canada have trained thousands of individuals across many different industries and countries. We used to cater to companies that had a vast training and development budget through our highly tailored training system. Since majority of the corporations cannot afford those prices, we have come up with a highly effective and affordable model for the small business owners.

Our training philosophy is based on very simple principles of knowledge retention, enthusiasm and effectiveness. We have conducted case studies to find the most common obstacles across different fields to come up with a training model that services a broad audience without compromising on our philosophy.

Meet Our Lead Instructor

Shah Babar

Founder and CEO of Imperial Academy, lead instructor, and content creator.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Working with Imperial Academy of Canada has been an amazing experience. They helped improve our quality of work and expand our organization in may ways. They are always ready to help whenever required. It has been an exceptional partnership experience.
Rayyan L.
Prime Protection
Working with Imperial Academy of Canada was a valuable decision. The training and courses are informative, current and relevant. Professional, insightful and transparent are three words I use to describe their services. Their approach and commitment to training and business are second to none..
David C.
Signal 88 of Windsor
Imperial Academy is Highly recommended because it was such an enjoyable experience. They have the proper equipment for teaching and vast experience. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with this program. If anyone wants to be trained there is no better place than Imperial Academy.
Shaun Immigration
I can honestly say with experience taking courses with various organizations over the years that Imperial Academy of Canada are amazing! Extremely profession and clear with their delivery of quality information. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a provider hands down.
Jonnathon M
Evo 7 Security