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All of our courses are designed by experts in their respective fields. Our instructors are then taught the principles and philosophies in depth before they are able to teach the content designed by experts.

Actionable Training

All of our trainings are explained in a manner that is easy to understand and implement.

Effective Quizzes

All of the quizzes in each of the training are designed to test the retention of the students.

Effective Material

All of the courses come in a video format and are highly effective for any audience.

Our Most Popular Courses

These corporate training courses are considered amongst the most popular courses on this portal due to their ease of use and language.

Covid-19 course

Infection Control and Prevention for Covid-19 and other diseases

This course is designed to understand, control, and prevent further outbreaks of Covid-19, and other diseases from spreading at your workplace. This course is the prerequisite to our pandemic disease and influenza control and prevention. This course should be considered mandatory for all employees due these challenging times.

pandemic disease control

Pandemic disease and influenza control and prevention

Welcome, this course is designed to familiarize you with techniques and protocols needed to protect you, your workplace, and your families safe from pandemic related diseases and influenza. We know that a pandemic hurts everyone in the community, and we need to be extra vigilant in protecting ourselves from others and for others.

customer service training

Customer Service Training

Customer Service for Security Guards is a course that is designed to provide you with the beginner to intermediate level of knowledge, understanding, and strategies that will help your employees in their career and job duties. Furthermore, this training will also assist the organization in retaining clients.

Custom corporate training

Tailored soft skills courses

This program is designed to help organizations that are looking for more than an on demand solution, and takes the specific needs of any and all corporations that sign up for this service. This program is a premium service with limited enrollments.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

We pride ourselves on delivering life altering content that is easy to understand and carefully thought out. We understand the obstacles that employees of today face and we know how to reach them. We also make sure that your employees always strive to do their best.

President Joe Biden with Shah Babar CEO of Imperial Academy of Canada

We will help you in your personal and professional development journey.  we know your training needs, and we are available 24/7.

Corporate training has changed quite drastically with the new age of social media, and we know your concerns and that is why you have access to our corporate training courses whether in the field of customer service, conflict resolution, de-escalation, sales, leadership, management, and best of all you can do this online.

Our corporate training courses are designed by people in your industry, and we take it a step further by consulting professionals in the field of organization behaviour and behavioural psychology to help us understand your obstacles, and then to teach you how to over come them.  

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Working with Imperial Academy of Canada has been an amazing experience. They helped improve our quality of work and expand our organization in may ways. They are always ready to help whenever required. It has been an exceptional partnership experience.
Rayyan L.
Prime Protection
Working with Imperial Academy of Canada was a valuable decision. The training and courses are informative, current and relevant. Professional, insightful and transparent are three words I use to describe their services. Their approach and commitment to training and business are second to none.
David C
Signal 88 of Windsor
Imperial Academy is Highly recommended because it was such an enjoyable experience. They have the proper equipment for teaching and vast experience. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with this program. If anyone wants to be trained there is no better place than Imperial Academy.
Kamalpreet K.
Shaun Immigration
I can honestly say with experience taking courses with various organizations over the years that Imperial Academy of Canada are amazing! Extremely profession and clear with their delivery of quality information. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a provider hands down..
Jonnathon M.
Evo 7 Security