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This program is designed to help organizations that are looking for more than an on demand solution. This program takes the specific need of any and all corporations that sign up for this service.

Imperial Academy of Canada has assisted various types of organizations in various types of industries, and we have designed a program that reaches far beyond what our online training platform offers. In order to achieve the maximum results through this program we have to conduct an audit of your processes such as programs in place for your customer service team(s) or your lead generation process for your marketing team(s). Conducting these audits allow us to better understand the obstacles that impede your employees progress. We are extremely transparent in our approach and even discuss the step by step game plan with our clients.

Please keep in mind that there are times when we can’t offer the clients this program due to lack of experience in a particular industry. Currently this program is only being offered to organizations in the security guard industry. Please also keep in mind that even in the security guard industry we are only offering this program for a selected areas of expertise. The specialized areas are as following:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Management
  • Productivity
  • Leadership
  • Behavioural reprograming

Now, as stated earlier that we are well-versed in the obstacles that a security guard company faces, and that is why we are the best possible solution for your organization.  We also have a great deal of familiarity with many different industries with in the security guard industry such as Cannabis, retail security, loss prevention, and that allows us to train your guards better than anyone else in the aforementioned areas of expertise.  Please keep in mind that although we are highly proficient in the said industries the end result however depends on the interest and actions of your sales staff.

The last point that we wish to raise to your attention is that the material taught in these trainings can be used in many general settings which may benefit the participants in their future endeavors.  However the core teachings of this training are geared towards the security guard services and particularly to the organization that requires it.  Please keep in mind that the material taught in this training is tried and tested, and will provide the desired results as well as provide confidence to the individuals attending the training.

In order to receive more information about this program please contact us via email and the email address to contact us for this particular course is, and we hope to hear from your soon.

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